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Aerospace Manufacturers’ Representative

 Aerospace & Commercial Grade Material

Full Spectrum Aerospace & Commercial Material. Aluminum, stainless, aerospace steels, titanium, magnesium, brass & engineered plastics. Sheet, plate, rod, bar, tube, pipe & extrusions.  16” thick aluminum plate. Cut to size. Domestic & foreign material. ISO 9001 & AS9100.

Aerospace Custom Tooling


Aerospace Precision Tooling.  Quick turn large part machining, custom tooling, weld fab, 5-axis water jet cutting, 5-axis milling & large swing CNC lathe centers with live tooling. ISO 9001, AS9100-D & ITAR

Aerospace Precision Hard Metal Machining

Aerospace Precision Machining, Custom Manufacturing & Assembly. 5 axis milling, 4 axis horizontal machining, CNC lathes, CNC mill/turn centers, grinding, fabrication, design, prototype, blue streak & production.  All metals & plastics. ISO 9001 & AS9100-D

Large Part High Speed Aerospace Machining

High Speed Aerospace Machining. Blue streak & large production, 5 axis milling & turning. CATIA programming. Large format capabilities. Assembly, kitting & powder coating, CMM inspection services. Nonferrous metals & materials, hard metals, titanium & superalloys. ISO9001, AS9100-D & ITAR.


Industrial Scrap Management

Industrial Scrap Management.  Custom aerospace recycling programs with true transparency & accountability.  Non-ferrous metals, stainless, cardboard & pallets. ISO9001:2008

Chemical Processing & Metal Finishing

Chemical Processing & Metal Finishing. Aluminum, titanium & steel processing, chemical conversion, penetrant inspection, conductivity & hardness testing, masking & coatings, part marking, cleaning & NDT. NADCAP, AS9100


New & Custom Cutting Tools

New Cutting Tools, Custom Manufactured, Modifying, Sharpening, Reconditioning & Coating. Specializing in HSS, Cobalt & Carbide. TiN, TiCN, ZrN, CrN, AlTin & TiAIN Surface Enhancement Coatings. Drills, End Mills, Cutters, Reamers, Taps, Chasers, Counterbores, Counter Sinks, Shell Mills, Gear Hobs, Broaches & More.


CNC Outsourced Machining Intermediary. Why keep noncore machining and manufacturing in-house when you can contract out to lower-cost providers. Sales Solutions has identified and works with several best-of-breed companies that are ready to do business. Outsource your outsourcing by letting Sales Solutions hook you up with one of our affiliates.


Low Voltage ITAR Aerospace Security Systems
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