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About me


Dean Riley, a native of Wichita, is an accomplished aerospace manufacturers representative, trusted client advisor and sales consultant dedicated to increasing client sales. His streamlined sales strategy is why the companies he represents immediately enjoy the benefits of immediate market access and exceptional market presence. He applies this common sense sales strategy when he works with sales teams, business owners and companies who want bigger, better and faster sales. He will shift the way you think about the sales process by teaching you how to quickly connect with your prospect and client to build trust and establish deep business relationships using effective communication. If your sales strategy is based on outdated sales messages, feel-good fads and inspirational fluff you’re sending the wrong message and losing business.

Dean has helped improve sales performance and bottom lines for a diverse range of industries including professional services, technology, manufacturing and medical. He has held engineering and sales leadership positions at Royal Philips Electronics, DEK, Division of Dover Corporation, CR-Baird and Brush Wellman Engineered Materials, where he developed a reputation as an industry leader in developing and motivating large sales organizations to drive improved business performance. He has supported the success of many sales professionals. He is a regular speaker/trainer on the subjects of sales and sales leadership, employee motivation and corporate performance.

Dean is an accomplished technical sales executive with 40 years of real life experience working for manufacturing, industrial, medical and electronics companies. Dean brings a diverse background of sales experience as a Street Fighter, Sales Manager, Manufacturers Representative and as a Sales Consultant. He has extensive experience managing large domestic and international sales organizations and global accounts including Textron, Spirit, Intel, Motorola, HP, Ford Motor Company and Space X

Dean received his mechanical engineering education in Massachusetts and earned his machinists apprentice from Cessna in Wichita, KS. He has advanced sales education from Sandler Sales Institute, holds professional coaching and sales credentials through the Royal Philips Electronics school of Sales Management and was sales executive of the year at DEK, Division of Dover Corporation and Royal Phillips.

Most importantly, Dean advises on and provides common sense education for change, training and development in strategic and operational aspects of sales and client relationship management. What this looks like differs for each company or individual. Call me (316-249-2018) and we can have a conversation about the results you are seeking.
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